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Please Vote on Tuesday, November 3rd


A mayoral campaign is expensive and requires a large number of people willing to financially support our efforts. Every contribution helps; even a small donation goes a long way toward winning the election!


"Chris is the only mayoral candidate with strong ties to the future leaders of our city and State. New Hampshire is an aging state. To grow and thrive, we need to both attract and retain young professionals. This is particularly true in Nashua .This concern is experienced personally, as I would like to be able to see my daughter experience..." Read More
— Rhonda Della Sala
"Why vote for Chris as Mayor? He has adopted Nashua as his hometown – the love and connections are real! Chris is able to hold candid conversations with people from all walks of life and is a great mediator and problem solver. There is always more than one way to rectify a situation."
— Carolyn Oguda
"We both grew up in Nashua, and are now raising two young children of our own. As our two kids get older, we want to be confident that Nashua will have great school choices for them. As they become teenagers, we want to know that Nashua will have a safe downtown and other neighborhoods for them to meet their friends..." Read More
— Medina & Tyler Gauthier

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